Many know Ali Punjani as a drug dealer. He appeared on the list of drug dealers in Kenya. But the 36 year old businessman seems to be on the loose acquiring properties. The billionaire who already has several five star hotels in the UK,Dubai and Africa has added Sun n Sand Hotel to his business stable. The kikambala based five star beach resort is apparently closed and major renovations are taking place plus upgrading. It is said that he spent several billions to buy the hotel. Punjani also owns Nyali International hotel ,Rising Star Commodities,Punjani ELECTRICAL LIMITED ,Real Estates ,Helicopters Sales ,One of the The Marshalls Group Owners, The Group holds the franchise for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, i

ncluding KIA, TATA trucks and buses, TRW Lucas, Delphi, Prestolite and Fulmen in East Africa.He drives a Rolls Royce Phantom,BMW X6 2012 Edition, Ferari plus many fuel guzzlers. He is known to fly in models and rent penthouses in plus areas where the models serve him nud. Talk of the Indian playboy..Too much money sucks...


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